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Lubbock Screen Printers Unite

by User Not Found | Feb 09, 2018


            Facebook unite  

      Lubbock Screen Printers Unite is a group on Facebook created by Coby Colley from Local Legends Print Factory as a resource tool for fellow screen printers and apparel decorators.

      We hope it can be a place where friendly discussions can take place around all areas of 'print life'. Maybe you are printing a job on a Saturday and run out of purple ink....this could be a great place to look for a friend! Have you ever struggled with a technical issue and almost thrown your squeegees through a window? Maybe you are ready to upgrade some equipment and it would be nice to sell some of your used equipment locally so you don't have to worry about shipping it somewhere. This could be a great forum for all of those things!

(On the other hand...this is not a place for bashing other companies or getting overly competitive. Lets be friends.)

Lubbock Screen Printers Unite